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'...I have now used GasketGuy several times. The cost of the seals is very reasonable, the speed of service is excellent and the job is always done perfectly...'

Chris Jones - General Manager of the Dart Marina Hotel and Spa, Dartmouth.

GasketGuy recommends that you contact us in order that your local GasketGuy can give you a free inspection and quote for the correct replacement gasket because his/her expertise is second to none. We also offer a 60 day guarantee for all gaskets installed by our GasketGuys. If we do not yet have a GasketGuy in your location then we can provide gaskets by post.

Identifying your gasket

Gaskets come in many different shapes and sizes, some have a magnet to hold the door closed, others are compression where the door has a handle to keep it closed. Some are darts which push into a track, others are retainers which are held into place by a retaining panel or part. Below you will find all the profiles we stock in order to provide you with your replacement gasket. If you do not yet have a GasketGuy in your area yet then simply locate the gasket you need and follow the measuring and order instructions so that you can place your order. If you need more information or dimensions about a profile simply email us or give us a call

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Measuring & Ordering

When ordering gaskets please make sure you list:

  1. The right gasket number and prefix letter (E,F or A)
  2. How many sides you need gasket/magnet to be. (some walk ins have only 3)
  3. Some gaskets don't have a magnet on the hinge side therefore check if the hinge side of the gasket has a magnet and identify this on your order stating on which side is the hinge.
  4. The make and model number of each appliance so we can cross reference the gasket required.
  5. The colour of the gasket is shown on the product info. If colour is important please check before placing the order the colour of the gasket required.
  6. The exact size of the old gasket from outside edge to outside edge in mm.

With all dart type gaskets we need the following measurements:

Size Guide